Wild Birding contains beginners info for backyard wild birding and wild birding in nature. Wild Birding contains beginners info for backyard wild birding and wild birding in nature. Wild Birding contains beginners info for backyard wild birding and wild birding in nature.

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Wild Birding contains beginners info for backyard wild birding and wild birding in nature.

This Wildlife Crossing sign was seen at Glacier Park, McHenry County, Ringwood, Illinois. Photograph by Mary Wehmhoefer (10/23/04).

Wild Birding Journal in McHenry County, Illinois

6/11/05 & 6/12/05  Trip to Galena, IL  (Jo Davies county)

Estimated cumulative time you watched:
1 to 4 hours

Daylight temperature:
Low: (70- 80 degrees F)
High: (50 to 70 degrees F)

Daylight precipitation:  Shows and Thunder
Total depth of snow cover: None

In Galena, IL (Jo Davies county) for a relaxing weekend and here's what I saw on Saturday and Sunday

At the Chestnut Mountain ski resort breakfast area - 2 Swainson Hawks flying overhead and landing on the ski
light posts oblivious to all the people on the ground walking about! 6 other Swainson Hawks spotted
on the way to the resort.

On a boat trip on the Mississippi near lock 12 in Iowa (?) 6 Bald Eagles so obvious that the boat captain pointed them out so everyone got a great look.

Also thought I saw a Raven near the water at the bottom of the Chestnut Mountain ski resort. I had the
binoculars on it for about 5 minutes and it was looking for food along the shoreline.

Also seen in limited birding time in Galena on Blackjack Road near the Goldmoor and Chestnut resorts:

Pileated Woodpecker
Trumpeter Swan
American robin
northern cardinal
mourning dove
Canadian geese
mallard duck
Sandhill crane
American goldfinch
Red-winged Blackbird
Eastern Kingbird
American Crow

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